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For schools in search of a a viable plan for transitioning to the Common Core standards, look no further.

Beyond Textbooks is Common Core Ready.

Whether you are a current BT partner or a prospective partner, we hope that you will take time to review the below information on some of our Common Core implementation efforts to date.

April 2014 BT Newsletter Common Core Update

Please take a look at our April 2014 BT Newsletter, which outlines reminders of the latest on the Common Core Transition.

“Help! Common Core Math Standards are No Joke!” Webinar:

As we further implement the math Common Core standards, the refrain is similar in Vail and all around the state from our BT partners – the level of rigor is indeed a challenge.

This is no surprise. We all knew it would be tough.

That said, in this midst of this transition, students are struggling, teachers are challenged, and administration is working nonstop with teachers to find solutions.

Click HERE to watch a webinar, where we will share reminders and solutions for successfully dealing with the transition to the Common Core math standards.

Target the Common Core with IEEI Webinar:

For the past two years, BT has focused on shifts to the Common Core regarding content and rigor. In Vail, we also continue to turn our attention to instructional shifts that need to occur with the Common Core. Please click HERE to watch a Webinar describing an instructional shift in lesson delivery called IEEI. What is IEEI? EEI stands for the Essential Elements of Instruction. We’ve added an “I” for “Inverted” as we look to adapt this proven model of instruction to meet the demands of the Common Core.

Math Common Core Resources Informational Video:

Please click HERE to watch a short video on information regarding our movement of 2008 Arizona Math Standard teacher submitted resources to related Common Core Math Standard wiki pages.

Common Core Transition Update Webinar:

We recently provided BT Partners with a Webinar to provide information on our transition to the Common Core Standards for the 13-14 school year. This is very important information on how the BT Wiki will reflect these changes for the upcoming school year. If you would like to view this Webinar, please click HERE for the recorded version.

Important Math and ELA Common Core Transition News:

Please click HERE to learn about some important updates regarding Common Core Transition Items impacting next year’s (13-14) Curriculum Calendars and planning resources on the wiki.

Common Core Lesson Planning Through Beyond Textbooks: 

We recently provided a free Webinar to all Beyond Textbooks partners about some new Common Core planning tools available on the site. If you were unable to tune in live, you can watch the recording by clicking HERE

Important Common Core Galileo/ATI Testing Information:

If you are a district or charter school that contracts with Galileo/ATI for your Benchmark Testing, we have some information for you regarding some new assessments that we are using in Vail that you will have access to as BT partners.

We have created a separate assessment to test mastery of the Common Core “GAP” standards in math and reading. As a reminder, these standards are Common Core standards that we found are not covered in our current Essential Standards, and therefore are being taught as Essentials to ensure that there are no content gaps between the two sets of standards.

If a grade level did not have any GAP standards during a Benchmark time period, we chose Common Core standards that correlated to an Essential Standard to use for this separate assessment.

We will be assessing students on these standards during our Benchmark weeks, but these test questions will be on a separate test and students will take the assessment during a separate testing period. We will be using this data as information on how our students are doing with the Common Core standards and as a check-in to make sure we are preparing them for 2014-15 when they will be assessed formally by the State on these concepts.

If you would like to administer these assessments as well, you will just need to let Galileo know, and they will open the test bank for your district or charter school. We would encourage you to take advantage of these test questions, as they will provide valuable information on how your students are doing as you continue to prepare them for the shift to the Common Core standards.

CLICK HERE for a list of the math and reading Common Core standards that will be assessed during our second and third Benchmark testing weeks.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact, Megan Kapp, Assistant Director of Beyond Textbooks, at

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