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Implementing Beyond Textbooks

Any educator with the following requirements can start using Beyond Textbooks:

A computer with the ability to open MS Office™, iWork™, Adobe Acrobat™, or Google Drive™ files.

Broadband Internet access.

Basic web-browser and productivity software skills

A desire to connect with other educators.

With simple Internet connectivity and the tools that come with every computer sold today, an educator can have access to the collective knowledge of teachers across the country.

The key to BT’s success is educator involvement. The curriculum calendars, curriculum documents, and resources on the BT Website were made for teachers, by teachers. Additionally, to ensure that your implementation of BT is successful, required trainings are provided during the first and second years of use.

Step One: District Administration Overview of the BT Vision

Superintendent, building principals, and district-level curriculum staff meet with BT staff for a 2.5-hour overview and opportunity to make a decision on moving forward with BT.

Step Two: Teacher buy-in of the BT Vision Meeting

BT staff meet with key teacher leaders, superintendent, building principals, and district-level curriculum staff for a 2.5-hour overview designed to gain the buy-in of teachers and provide the administration with an opportunity to develop further understanding of BT.

Leadership Retreat Part 1
The Leadership Retreat is meant to give an organization’s key stakeholders an opportunity to become more familiar with the theory and practices that make Beyond Textbooks (BT) a success. This session focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the BT Frameworks, and participants will work towards establishing a specific implementation plan aligned to their organization.

Leadership Retreat Part II
Beyond Textbooks is a proven effective systematic approach to teaching and learning. However, success with Beyond Textbooks is highly dependent on the leadership of the organization. In fact, leadership is the ultimate determiner of success. In this workshop, participants will learn about the critical attributes of leadership that have proven most successful in moving Beyond Textbooks forward in an organization.

Required Supporting Professional Development
BT 101: Seven Key BT Starting Points & Website Facilitation.
BT 102: Review of the Seven Key BT Starting Points & Advanced Website Facilitation.
Reteach and Enrich:  An overview of the purpose of reteach and enrich and how to implement it effectively within a school.
PLC Training: A comprehensive training on all aspects of implementing effective PLC’s.

Unlimited Phone and Email Access to BT Staff
Members of the Beyond Textbooks staff are available for unlimited questions via phone and/or e-mail and will work to get back to you in a timely fashion to address your needs.

Site Visits With Vail Schools
Your organization may send teachers and administration to any of our schools to conduct observations and interviews regarding various aspects of Vail’s instructional process.

Access to Additional Professional Development Offerings
Beyond Textbooks provides ongoing professional development offerings. Click HERE for a list of additional professional development sessions.