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Vail School District

Every small community has a particular heartbeat that establishes its identity. That identity allows for growth, investment, defining of a culture, and most importantly, a place to call home. Vail, Arizona is fortunate to be such a place. It has become a community that cares deeply about its heritage, the education of its children, local business, and people.

The Vail School District, located southeast of Tucson, opened in 1903 as a one-room schoolhouse. Now, nearly 120 years later, the District is widely recognized as a lighthouse district leading in effective instruction and innovation. Vail is recognized as a top-performing school district in Arizona. It has won countless awards and been highlighted across the country, as well as internationally, for its outstanding educators and programs. Further, every school that is eligible for the Arizona Education Foundation’s A+ Distinction has been awarded the prestigious honor.

Over two decades ago, Vail had only two schools. In the last 20 years, the greater Vail area has experienced tremendous growth. The beautifully located little ranching and railroad community has become a highly desirable place for suburban families and a key economic center for the greater Tucson Area.

The District opened its 22nd school in 2020. Along with its traditional schools, Vail has a blended learning option (a blend of online and in-person), Vail Virtual Learning (online), and an online homeschool partnership. And, each of Vail’s high schools offers unique opportunities for students. More than 14,000 students are currently enrolled in grades K-12.

Vail’s Motto and Mission Statement clearly define the culture: Where Education is a Community Effort. VUSD’s primary mission is serving parents. The District recognizes the reality that children belong to their parents. This is the drive behind every decision made. It is central to the collaborative relationship that now exists with parents and staff. It is fundamental to the success and reputation that has followed since its creation.

The Vail School District also has a positive relationship with the surrounding community. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the University of Arizona, Raytheon, and other employment centers often cheer on students, assist parents, and celebrate successes. Vail provides both teachers and students a clear roadmap to success. Simultaneously, the District depends heavily upon creativity and innovation from its teachers, students, and the community.

The District is careful to continuously study what is best for students and families in our ever-changing and globally competitive world. We strive to stay closely connected to our local community while simultaneously responding to the reality that our students will face harsh competition for employment with people from around the world.

So, we rely on our highly competent and caring staff. The 2,200 employees are the heart and soul of this District. As the District moves forward towards continued growth, we thank the parents, students, staff members, and community members who have contributed to our success in the past, who are giving of themselves so generously in the present, and who will make a difference in the lives of children and