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(K-12; 3 hours)

Educators often believe lowering standards will give students successful experiences, boost self-esteem, and raise achievement. It doesn’t work! Lowering standards leads to poorly educated students and is a recipe for disaster. Great teachers believe in growing intellect and talent and are fascinated with the process of learning. From Teachers: The Mindset of a Champion, participants will explore how shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can empower student learning.

(K-12; 2 days)

The purpose of this training is for site principals, curriculum or professional development coordinators, and superintendents from BT partners to:

  • Gain insights into base components of Vail’s instructional model and compare your organization’s current New Teacher Induction practices with Vail.

(K-12; 4 hours)

As classroom teachers, we all recognize that classroom management is key to providing a safe and efficient environment that leads to optimum student learning. As a principal, this idea does not change – it only translates to a larger scale. Meant specifically for administrators, this training provides valuable insights and practical ideas to ensure optimum campus-wide management is occurring in order to optimize student safety and learning.

A strong relationship between the Governing Board and the Superintendent provides the foundation for highly effective schools. Conversely, problems with that relationship can sabotage almost any effort to make improvements. Join Vail Superintendent Calvin Baker for a year-long development module designed to help develop and grow a strong working relationship between the Governing Board and Superintendent. Using lessons he has learned working with dozens of board members in his 27 years as Superintendent in Vail, Mr. Baker will facilitate a Governing Board-Superintendent Retreat, attend a Governing Board meeting for your organization, invite you to a Vail Governing Board meeting, and be available for Governing Board consultation throughout the year. Whether you are a new Superintendent or returning to an organization, we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.